When’s the next book coming out?

In 2020 - Balance Patience and Faith - A man's cancer journey.

In 2020 -  Dying Hard in The Inkwell (Paladin Mystery).

In 2020 -  Dead Ringer (Manion Mystery).

In 2020 - Covenant Prophecy Book 2  Sasha The Tigress Stories

Announce coming events

2020 Book Events

April 18-19- Los Angeles Book Fair

May 30-31 - BookCon, New York

July 31 - August 2  Book Club Conference - Atlanta

Sept 5 -6 - AJC Book Festival - Atlanta

Are you available for speaking assignments (students, adults, organizations)

Most definitely!  

I can participate in a variety of subject panels or solo discussions.

Some examples include:

The Writing Process - for students in high school and undergraduate study.

My Cancer Journey - as part of the Balance Patience and Faith topic.