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Dying Hard - Paladin Mysteries

Dying Hard in The Big Easy


Darryl "Lemon Boy" Phillips, of Paladin Security, provides celebrity protection.
That’s how the singer Lola Montclaire strolled back into his life and his heart.
In New Orleans, bluesman Blind Billy Brown was planning a concert in the Ninth
Ward, and he called Old School performers to come home, including Lola, her nephew
MC TruLuv, and her security, Lemon Boy, but it wouldn’t be N’awlins without controversy.
Billy’s concert was taking place at the same time as the famous New Orleans Jazz
Revival. Secondly, the lead act at the revival was TruLuv’s rival, MC “OOO-WEE,”
a rapper whose music is only overshadowed by his drunken violence.
Then someone started killing performers from both concerts.
Evidence pointed to someone from Blind Billy’s concert. The police were eager to
make an arrest. Lem Phillips and the Paladin Team had to make sure it’s the right person. With the help of his
staff, Terri, Bobby Sr. and Bobby Jr., he will solve the case of:
Dying Hard in the Big Easy!

Dying Hard on Gold Mountain


Teri Lovejoy has Lemon Boy and the two Bobbys escorting a group of rowdy teenagers to a winter ski festival this year. Lemon Boy is also there to see the rapper TruLuv. The two of them just found out they are father and son, but TruLuv has refused to talk to him.

It’s time for the Nubian Winter Festival, an annual event for African-Americans and other minority skiers from all over the world! This year it’s at the first minority owned ski resort, Gold Mountain.

But Gold Mountain has enemies, and it’s not a black thing. It’s a gold thing.

A group of locals have been secretly and illegally mining gold from the back side of Gold Mountain. With gold trading at $1500 per ounce, every speck of dust makes it worth the secrecy and the treachery, which includes attempts to buy the resort out from under Carlos DeBary, the savvy, sophisticated owner of Gold Mountain.

When equipment gets sabotaged and dead bodies start showing up during the festival, the owner of Gold Mountain calls on Lemon Boy and the Paladins to get answers the police can’t find.  In the end, all the old lessons surrounding the greed for gold come true, because people are Dying Hard on Gold Mountain. 

Dying Hard at The Classic


Paladin Security Report:
My name is Lem Phillips, I run Paladin Security.  While guarding my son, the celebrity rapper TruLuv, we found ourselves in the middle of the Shawn Butterfield shooting and the revenge attempts on Police Officer David Cooley’s life by forces unknown.

Shawn Butterfield, AKA, Butta, was the lead Drum Major of the Marching Pride of Birmingham A&M of the Historically Black University (HBU) Football Conference.  Butta was more than just a play on his last name. His routines at halftime were as smooth as the dairy product.
One week before the Big Boo Halloween Football Classic, Butta is shot and killed by a white Atlanta City Police Officer – David Cooley. What seems like an all too familiar crime of excess force may not be what it seems.

• Camp Butterfield, Shawn’s Cousin, is the largest drug dealer in Fulton County. Was Butta back working the street?

•The new President of the United States is tweeting on the issue and keeping tempers high. He also plans a visit to Atlanta at the same time as the Classic.

•Brianna Daniels is the niece to Disciple Daniels, a gambler, and ordained minister.  She and Butta shared a secret. Disciple Daniels and Camp Butterfield have avoided each other until now

.•TruLuv was a musical mentor to Shawn.  He watched the drum major mature into a dynamic talent.  He is determined to see justice for his slain friend.

All this taking place during the Step Show, Battle of The Bands, the Game, and of course the halftime show. 

The Paladins

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