Teke (teek) Manion Mysteries

My Brother's Keeper


WorldSpan Secure sends the young expatriate  Tekelius B. Manion back to this home town to investigate a series of arsons to some high end properties and to report back on the oil slick threatening the Gulf Coast of Florida. What he finds is a dead woman in his deep freezer, and  his old buddies up to their necks in extortion, money laundering, strong arm tactics and possibly murder. By the way the  local sheriff would like a word.  Something about Teke's broken engagement to the his sister.

Graves of Gold


Spanish gold is discovered in historic graves of Benoitown, NC after Hurricane Chester.  Teke Manion, off his recent success in Florida, was dispatched there on behalf of WorldSpan Insurers and the Spanish government.  When US Army technicians who found the first coins are murdered Teke  has to find the remaining gold, make the claim for his client, while not becoming next resident in the Graves of Gold!

Dead Ringer






Nadine and Gerald are two "grown" folks that don't have time for games, and despite the intentions of their mutual friends they form an instant distrust and dislike for each other. He was some uppity business man  married to his work with a heart of stone.  She was one of "those" people who say they want to do things but never buckle down and do them.  Nevertheless, love, like a proper  pizza dough or a balanced mole sauce, can emerge and grow with just the right amount of work and proper conditions. After being forced to work together Nadine and Gerald realized they were not so different, that they shared more than just an ambition to succeed. With the help of their friends, family, and the indominable Mother Farris, they find the Hunger for love, like the Hunger for food, can be an insatiable and beautiful journey.

NOTE: Great recipes of foods highlighted in the story are included in the book.

Holiday Flava


It's Christmastime in Jacksonville, FL! Nadine Charleston and Gerald Phillips are closer and hotter than ever. These two mixed like oil and water in Hunger. They needed nothing and no one, but soon became inseparable. They have a lot to celebrate this year. Nadine's catering business is booming. Plus their romance novel is picked up for publication. It wouldn't be the holidays, though, if things weren't a little funky. Nadine's holiday plans are cut short when Gerald is sent to Europe on a banking crisis. Gregory and Keisha are wrestling with parenthood, school, and work. Doc and Grace Farris try to support each other through Grace's personal challenges. Even Mother Farris is pissed off about the holidays, to no one's surprise. Add to this a mysterious Jamaican herb man and Gerald's know-it-all ex-wife who shows up unannounced.There's no flava' like Holiday Flava', and this family works through their yuletide season with love, patience, great food, and understanding.Like in Hunger, please enjoy the bonus section with great holiday recipes from the author's family and friends. Happy Holidays!