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In the 1840’s Jolly Benoit and his partner Sam Gilley started one of North Carolina’s first settlements by free people of color.  They used gold stolen during their years as pirates raiding Spanish Galleons in the Caribbean Seas.  Legend has it that they hid the gold in the graves of fallen slaves, the last place anyone would think to look.

Over the years the piracy and graves of gold became the subject of sketchy legend and tourism. 

Then in 2016, Hurricane Chester ravaged the Tar River Basin including Benoitown and Gilleyville and the Riverside Grave Yard.  Two hundred-year-old slave graves were pushed to the surface, exposing rags, bones, shackles, and gold coins from Jolly Benoit.

Now sleepy Benoitown was run over with The National Guard, the US State Department,  gold hunters from all over the world, the media. And Teke Manion from WorldSpan Underwriters.

His assignment? Secure the claim of any Spanish gold for the country of Spain, that was making a two hundred-fifty-year-old claim for the treasure.  

When more dead bodies turned up than gold coins, Teke realized he wasn’t going to get to the answer of one without solving the other.  That was how Teke got buried up to his neck in Graves of Gold.


Paladin Security Report:

My name is Darryl Phillips, I run Paladin Security.  While guarding my son, the celebrity rapper TruLuv, we found ourselves in the middle of the Shawn Butterfield shooting and the revenge attempts on Police Officer David Cooley’s life by forces unknown.

Shawn Butterfield, AKA, Butta, was the lead Drum Major of the Marching Pride of Birmingham A&M of the Historically Black University (HBU) Football Conference.  Butta was more than just a play on his last name. His routines at halftime were as smooth as the dairy product.

One week before the Big Boo Halloween Football Classic, Butta is shot and killed by a white Atlanta City Police Officer – David Cooley.

What seems like an all too familiar crime of excess force may not be what it seems

·         Camp Butterfield, Shawn’s Cousin, is the largest drug dealer in Fulton County. Was Butta back working the street?

·         The new President of the United States is tweeting on the issue and keeping tempers high. He also plans a visit to Atlanta at the same time as the Classic.

·         Brianna Daniels is the niece to Disciple Daniels, a gambler, and ordained minister.  She and Butta were secretly dating.  She is pregnant with his child. Daniels and Camp Butterfield have avoided each other until now.

·         TruLuv was a musical mentor to Shawn.  He watched him mature into a dynamic talent.  He is determined to see justice for the slain drum major.

All this taking place during the Step Show, Battle of The Bands, the Game, and of course the halftime show.

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