Rod Sanford originally from East St. Louis, Illinois, has a degree in Journalism from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and has received several awards for his news and editorial writing.

Like many writers, he found his love for the written word early in life. However he labels himself as a storyteller.

“Telling a good story will turn good writing into great writing, and all the mechanics in the world won’t fix an incomplete tale.”

Growing up in East St. Louis, Rod would spend a lot of time listening to the stories of his uncles.
"During the holidays, these kats would tell stories that made you laugh, cry, or get you angry," he explained with pride and a smile.  "However you couldn't stop listening. I was the kid hiding just out of eyesight preferring to listen to grownup conversations instead of playing outside as I was told."

"I never learned to tell a story like them, but when I write, I feel like I come close."

Rod also has 20 years experience as an insurance investigator specializing most recently in cases involving natural disasters. His work during Hurricane Katrina sparked his latest work.

Dying Hard in The Big Easy is a murder mystery set during one of New Orleans Jazz Festivals. It is also the first in a new series called the Darryl “Lemon Boy” Phillips Mysteries.

"By the time I left Katrina, I had adopted the region as my second home. The music, the food, and history vibrated my spirit."

In his spare time, Rod enjoys time with his family, live jazz, cooking, golf, and residing under the Orlando Florida sunshine. 

Between his book commitments
and insurance work Rod is on the
road over 200 days a year. 
He is constantly meeting with book
clubs, customers in the bookstores
and social conventions, and with
college students at America's

"Meeting with readers is always a
pleasure and an education.
They pull no punches whether they
like your work or not! It has made
each of my books a little bit better." 




Rod's first two novels were

Hunger and Holiday Flava' 

They're 2 books in 1!
Romance novels
set in
Florida and full of
rich food descriptions. At
the end  of each book
there are recipes for the
food in the book!


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